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Marylanders have a long history of crabbing or harvesting crabs. Some of our current crab houses are family business that have been around for over 100 years, and surprisingly the process of catching and processing crabs hasn’t changed much since then.

What does it take to get those "beautiful swimmers" to your table? Let’s hear from some of the folks in the crabbing business.

As you watch the video clip, think about the type of work involved in crabbing and the knowledge that watermen must possess.

Now watch this video clip to learn more about watermen. This time, we’ll hear from a waterman who works along the shores of the lower bay in Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

Concept Map

Now that you’ve heard about the work and challenges of those in the crabbing business, let’s continue to build upon our concept map. Add information that answers this question:

What factors impact crabbing businesses?

Take some time to add this information to your concept map and include additional nodes and boxes to further explain your ideas, if necessary. Remember to label the lines to show how information and concepts are connected.