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Blue Crabs

Maryland is known for its blue crabs, but how much do you already know about these unique creatures?

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As you engage in this lesson, you’ll learn so much more about Maryland’s blue crabs and the industry that depends on them.

Take a moment to explore this infographic about the life cycle of blue crabs. Click on the + plus signs to learn about each stage and the factors that impact the crab population.

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Maryland's crab industry depends on a healthy population of blue crabs.

Conditions for maintaining a healthy crab population:

  • Clean water

  • Abundant underwater grasses for growing crabs to feed and molt.

  • High numbers of female and juvenile crabs

Although there are several factors that can impact the population of blue crabs, nature is resilient, and when the warm weather arrives, Marylanders look forward to the unique taste of hot steamed blue crabs.