This module is for Glossary

Concept map: A visual tool that helps with organizing and connecting concepts and ideas.

Consumers: People who purchase good and services

Estuary: An area where salty ocean waters merge with fresh water from streams or rivers.

Harvesting: The process of gathering crops, or in the case of crabs, catching crabs that are ready to be eaten or prepared for selling.

Industry: A group of businesses that work together to provide good and services.

Market: The people and businesses who are interested in buying a product or service.

Marketing: The processes and strategies for creating interest, value, and demand for a product or service.

Picking house: Business that processes crabs by handpicking the meat from the crab and packaging it for distribution to restaurants and markets.

Watermen and Waterwomen: People who make a living by working on the water.

Watershed: A region of land containing bodies of water that all drain into the same larger body of water.