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The folks who work on and off the water in the crab industry take a lot of pride in their work. Watch this final video clip for another glimpse into how those who sell and enjoy eating crabs help to keep this industry alive. As you watch, think about the factors that impact restaurants that sell directly to consumers. Also think about why the crab industry as a whole is important to Marylanders.

Concept Map

Continue adding ideas to your concept map using the following question as guide:

What factors impact distribution businesses, like restaurants?

After you have added factors that impact restaurants, try to include if/then nodes to show cause and effect relationships.

Maryland tradition has been a running theme across all of the video clips you’ve watched in this lesson. You’ve seen how the watermen, processors, and restaurants have worked in long standing family businesses to keep Maryland’s crab-eating heritage alive.

Add “Maryland Tradition” to your concept map and connect it with an appropriate phrase and additional information. Address this question:

Why is the crab industry important to Marylanders?