Concept Map Outline

Maryland’s Crab Industry

  1. Includes crabbing

    1. Crabbing provides crabs for processing

    2. Is impacted by the crab population if the population decreases then fewer crabs are sold

    3. Crabbing is impacted by the market for crabs if processors close then watermen can’t sell crabs

    4. Crab population also impacts processing

  2. Includes processing

    1. Processing provides crabs for distributing

    2. Processing is impacted by the number of workers if the number of workers declines then fewer crabs processed and picking houses may close

  3. Includes distributing

    1. Distributing sells to consumers

    2. Distribution is impacted by the local customers if customers return then business stays open

    3. Distributing is impacted by the?

  4. Is supported by consumers when they buy local crabs which are better quality and which preserves Maryland culture and heritage