Module Objectives

  • Describe what makes Maryland crabs unique.
  • Identify the types of businesses that make up Maryland’s crab industry.
  • Explain how various factors impact the businesses and people involved in Maryland’s crab industry.
  • Draw conclusions about why Maryland’s crab industry is important to Marylanders.
  • Construct a concept map that represents the relationships and connections between different components of Maryland’s crab industry.

Did you know that the Chesapeake Bay is the world's largest supplier of blue crabs? In 2018, it was estimated that there were over 371 million crabs swimming in the Bay. That is a healthy population for meeting the demand of those who catch and eat crabs.

The Chesapeake Bay blue crab is Maryland’s most prized seafood, and bringing this awesome creature to your plate has its share of joy, excitement, and challenges.

In this activity, you’ll explore how Maryland crabs go from bait to your plate, and you’ll hear from the committed men and women who work to ensure that our Bay crabs keep coming in spite of the challenges they face.