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Now more than ever teachers and parents are looking for high-quality educational media to support learning. MPT wants to help you take charge of media’s influence and impact on children’s learning and development with these easy-to-follow Media STEPs.

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Choose content that directly connects to your lesson. Media is an effective way to demonstrate new concepts and to reinforce learning.
Ask students to discuss what they see and hear. Students pick up on different things so discuss media resources as a group to clarify information.
Use critical thinking skills to evaluate media and help students understand concepts. Be sure to provide multimodal learning opportunities.
Provide opportunities for hands-on learning and real-world application to help students make new connections in their own lives and communities.

Get Started: Media STEPs in Action

Follow MPT’s Media STEPs to guide you in using trusted media that inspires learning at home, in the classroom and beyond.

Explore each STEP to find tips and resources to build healthy media habits for young learners.