Out-of-School Time

Find multimedia resources that support science, math, and literacy development, designed for use in out-of-school settings.These resources include multi-day experiences for flexible schedules. They also provide detailed activity plans, support materials for facilitators, related video clips and digital games, and take-home supports for families.

Odd Squad: Be The Agent Camp Day 1

Welcome to Odd Squad Be the Agent Camp! On Day 1, and it’s time to get in shape! Agents need to use their knowledge of shapes and their keen observation skills In order to crack the cases.

Odd Squad: Be The Agent Camp Day 2

On Day 2, it’s the thought that counts. In order to crack these cases, campers need to organize information and use deductive reasoning skills to decide which details are important to the problem at hand.

Odd Squad: Be The Agent Camp Day 4

On Day 4, it’s the big numbers that count. Campers will use skip counting and place value to retrieve missing items, and they’ll need to count on their stellar counting skills to get the job done.

Odd Squad: Be The Agent Camp Day 5

On the fifth and final day, campers will have the opportunity to delve into cases that explore balance, weight and patterns – and help Ms. O retrieve a lost object! It is also a day to invite families to participate in the fun!

Ruff Ruffman: Sensational Science Camp

Get ready for a camp experience you won't forget! At Sensational Science Camp with Ruff Ruffman, engage in science inquiry and the engineering design process with a vareity of multimedia resources.

Martha's True Stories Buddies Program

This reading program pairs younger and older elementary students to read, watch and discuss interactive, STEM-based stories and videos so younger students broaden their academic vocabulary, increase their understanding of informational and narrative text, and improve their communication skills.

The Electric Company Summer Learning Program

Children explore The Electric Company content to build vocabulary and explore core math concepts such as addition and subtraction, pattern recognition, representing and analyzing data, telling time, reading and writing numbers, and measurement.