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Parent & Family Toolkit

Find playful learning activities, information, and tips for parents to help children play and learn at home.

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Media STEPs

media STEPsFollow MPT's Media STEPs and use trusted media to inspire learning at home, in the classroom and beyond.

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"Learn Along" Bingo Packets

PBS KIDS bingoThese bilingual, weekly “Learn Along” Bingo packets (Grades PreK-2) include a range of thematic learning opportunities for children to choose their own learning adventures.

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Daily Activity Schedule

calendarFind fun, daily activities and crafts to do with your children using items in your home and a few basic supplies.

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Thinkport Learning Resources

learning resourcesFind early childhood resources to help engage with young children in playful learning time using games, videos, and activities from popular PBS KIDS programs.

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Discover Nature Science Series

discover nature seriesIgnite wonder while exploring the outdoor world with this collection of inquiry-based activities that combines PBS KIDS educational media with hands-on, nature-based learning to spark curiosity and promote creativity.

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PBS KIDS for Parents

pbs kids for parentsFind activities, games and tips to support your children's learning during a very different school year.

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Resources for Families During the Coronavirus Pandemic

common sense mediaGet ready for distance learning with these back-to-school resources

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At-Home Learning Activities for Early Childhood

activitiesCheck out these short videos of our education staff demonstrating easy At-Home Learning activities you can try with your kids!

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PBS KIDS Newsletter

pbs kids dailySign up for the new weekly newsletter, and get activities and tips you can use to help your kids play and learn at home.

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How Parents Can Help Their Kids While Managing Distance Learning

kqedThis article from KQED MindShift gives advice and tips to help parents manage their children's distance learning.

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Bright By Text

bright by textSign up for this free resource to receive announcements and educational activities sent straight to your phone.

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Schools Closed? How to Make a New Home Routine

how to talk to kidsGet tips and ideas for creating schedules and building a home-learning routine.

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Ready to Learn Family Resources

ready to lernFind digital resources and hands-on-activities that you can use with your children to explore science and support literacy development.

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Caring for Each Other

sesame street caringExplore Sesame Street’s family and caregiver resources designed to provide comfort, manage anxiety, and foster playful learning at home. You’ll find activities for daily routines, videos, printables, and interactive games.

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Khan Academy

khanUse the quick start guide to create your parent account and get access to free learning resources so you can support your child’s learning at home.

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