Early Childhood

Welcome to Thinkport’s child care and early childhood education resources. Browse through the sections below to find a lesson or activity designed to help young learners develop important school readiness skills.

Explore PBS KIDS digital activities and find fun, easy ways to help children develop into readers and writers as they build vocabulary and language skills.

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Our collection of math resources help children practice emergent concepts such as measurement and data, numbers and operations, geometry and spatial sense, and algebraic thinking.

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Engage early learners with this collection of digital resources from PBS KIDS and PBS Learning Media.

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Browse these fun PBS KIDS activities and encourage a child's natural curiosity through sensory exploration, investigation of the natural environment, and practice of observation and prediction skills.

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This collection of art resources promotes creative expression, and encourages young children to explore dance, drama, music, and the visual arts.

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Explore PBS KIDS digital activities and guide preschoolers as they practice acceptance and appreciation of diverse people and ideas in your early childhood classroom.

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Browse these PBS KIDS activities and find resources that foster cooperation, help children understand their feelings, teach preschoolers to resolve conflicts, and nurture positive self-esteem.

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