Early Childhood Computational Thinking

Cafe Chaos | Work It Out Wombats!

While helping out at the Eat 'N Greet Cafe, Zeke and Louisa then learn that to be good waiters, you have to follow the steps in the right order.

Step it Out!| Work It Out Wombats!

Use creative thinking to make and test sequences! Find all the different ways to make a sandwich, build a sand castle, serve a snack, and get ready to swim.

Chicken Dance | Peg + Cat

In this game featuring Peg + Cat, help the chickens finish their dance routine by completing patterns.

Dino-mite Patterns Home Activity | Dinosaur Train

Identifying, creating, and completing patterns help students learn important problem solving and mathematical reasoning skills. Help children make patterns with letters in this Dinosaur Train activity.

Teacher resources

PBS KIDS ScratchJr Collection

This collection offers a variety of lesson plans and resources for educators to use to introduce children ages 5-8 to creative coding.

PBS KIDS Computational Thinking Learning Framework

The PBS KIDS Computational Thinking Framework provides the “big ideas” and learning progressions for the foundational and developmentally appropriate mindsets, concepts, skills, practices and processes.

Work It Out Wombats! Bundle Menu

Work It Out Wombats! bundle menu promotes learning moments around finding and making patterns, and promoting intergenerational learning moments around sequencing or following and creating different sets of step-by-step instructions.

LEAP into the Loop!

This document shows how Lyla in the Loop can help students understand computational thinking concepts and practices, which are valuable in everyday life and support kids’ creative problem-solving and critical thinking skills.