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At-Home Learning Activities for Early Childhood

Check out these short videos of our education staff demonstrating easy At-Home Learning activities you can try with your kids!

Fun with Shapes

chosing shapesLearning shapes is lots of fun when you get to hop around! Check out this fun game you can make at home to help your toddler learn their shapes and colors.

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Estimating Capacity

pouring liquidsPlaying with water is always fun! Use containers in different shapes and sizes and let kids estimate which has more or less water. Practicing pouring back and forth to test their predictions.

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Measure and Build a House Just Right!

measure and buildUse materials around the house to practice measurement skills with young children by building a house for their favorite stuffed animals.

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Making Puzzles

vietnam war storiesPlaying with puzzles and using words like "above", "below" and "next to", helps your child develop spatial reasoning skills. In this activity you can customize your own puzzle that's perfect for your child's age and ability.

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Friction Racing

friction racingBuild a ramp and then use a toy car to test which of two surfaces has the least amount of resistance or friction.

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How Many Old Are You?

how many years oldPractice an early math concept called one-to-one correspondence with your child. This means that you will both count each object in a set just once, and touch each object one by one.

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