High School

Welcome to Thinkport’s high school digital lessons and resources. Browse through the sections below to find a lesson that complements your instruction.

magnifying lens over term central ideaExplore lessons that teach skills such as determining central idea in informational text, literature and literary nonfiction. In addition, find lessons for literacy in science and social studies.

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5 animated teenagers used in Algebra 2 Statistics and ProbabilityVisit our collection of Algebra II modules that provide instruction, interactive practice, and real-life scenarios about probability and statistics.

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sea turtleBrowse our resources on climate change, science literacy and STEM activities.

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home page of War of 1812 websiteExplore our history and government digital activities, as well as our collection of literacy lessons for social studies.

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home page of War of 1812 websiteBrowse our STEM activities, which give students practice using the engineering design process to solve real-life problems and design solutions.

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annotator toolWith the Annotator Tool, teachers can enter any text they would like students to examine -- from basic content materials to student writing. Students can then select virtual highlighters to annotate the text and add explanatory footnotes of their own.

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home page image of high school module about text-dependent questionsOur literacy resources feature video tutorials and short, self-paced modules on specific concepts in literacy.

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hands holding rulers for math modelingOur math resources include video tutorials and short, self-paced modules.

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