High School STEM

Browse our STEM activities, which give students practice using the engineering design process to solve real-life problems and design solutions.

home page for Designing a Healthier, Happier Meal

Designing a Healthier, Happier Meal

Students learn about the role of fast food in our nation's diet and use the engineering design process to design, build and test a healthy fast food meal for children.

Water, Water, Everywhere?

Students study global access to clean water and then apply the engineering design process as they research, design and build a water purification system.

Port: A Transportation System

Explore the Helen Delich Bentley Port of Baltimore to learn about the ways technology and careers help make this trade center such a successful part of Maryland.

dyamic systems

Understanding Dynamic Systems

In this interactive lesson, students learn systems thinking basics and explore tools such as causal loop diagrams as they examine the dynamics of soil health.

The Design Process

In this interactive, students follow the steps of the design process to solve problems and tackle engineering challenges.

STEM Career Labs

In this collection, students hear from STEM professionals about their educational pathway, what it is they love about their jobs, and how they really do use the math and science they learned in high school.