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Visit our collection of Algebra II modules that provide instruction, interactive practice, and real-life scenarios about probability and statistics.

Algebra II Statistics and Probability

5 animated teenagers used in Algebra 2 Statistics and ProbabilityThese six modules teach Common Core Algebra ll Statistics and Probability, providing interactive lessons, real-life applications, resources and a glossary.

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Other Resources

Math by Design

Students apply geometry and measurement concepts as they take on the role of junior architects to create a town park and an environmental center.

Sense and Dollars

Teach students about personal economics using this fun and interactive website.

Integrals | Crash Course Physics

In this interactive lesson, students will focus on correct sentences, subject-verb agreement, and other aspects of grammar and language.

Lesson: Area

Students are introduced to the concept of area and learn how to use measurements and formulas to find the area of different shapes.

Lesson: Volume

Students learn to use formulas to find the volume of different shapes with illustrations, practice and real-world examples.

Lesson: Triangles

Students are introduced to different kinds of triangles and their properties as they practice using formulas to find the area and missing angles of triangles and the Pythagorean Theorem.