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Thinkport's teacher resources for all grade bands feature professional development video tutorials and short, self-paced modules on specific concepts in literacy.

home page image of high school module about text-dependent questionsOur literacy resources feature video tutorials and short, self-paced modules on specific concepts in literacy.

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hands holding rulers for math modelingOur math resources include video tutorials and short, self-paced modules.

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Other Resources

A Focus on Close Reading

Watch this video to see close reading practiced in three classrooms -- first grade ELA, 6th grade science and 9th grade government.

The Art of Writing Arguments

Visit three classrooms to see how writing arguments is approached at various grade levels and subject areas – first grade ELA, 6th grade science and 9th grade government.

Learning Through Video Production

This interactive lesson designed for teacher professional development lets you experience what it's like to go through the video production process so that you can ultimately guide your students.

Teaching Surface Geology

This interactive STEM Professional Development module for teachers looks at how to use images and visualizations of surface features in the solar system to teach high school Earth and Space Sciences.

Teaching Environmental Public Health: An Introduction

This interactive lesson designed for professional development is a general introduction to the subject of environmental public health. Explore how people's environment relates to their health and how they can learn to reduce exposure to health hazards

Teaching Environmental Public Health: The Role of Epidemiology

This lesson designed for professional development looks at standards-based approaches to incorporating environmental public health topics into your high school classroom. Explore how epidemiologists investigate, analyze, and communicate research findings that can help minimize the spread and impact of a range of diseases.

Gradual Release of Responsibility

Learn the four phases of the Gradual Release of Responsibility instructional framework in this self-paced professional development module.

Virtual Professional Learning Series

This collection is created for teachers, by teachers, to bring together diverse content experts and educators. With topics ranging from history to digital engagement, educators will find something they need to enhance their practice and perspective.

Teaching NGSS Engineering Design Through Media

This collection of activities and professional development resources deepens teachers’ understanding of Next Generation Science Standards and helps them bring engineering alive for students at all grade levels.

Kindness, Empathy, and Resilience

This collection of videos and lesson plans is about kindness, empathy, and the importance of practicing mindfulness. These resources will help educators foster resilience in students, and include strategies to help teenagers cope with the stresses of everyday life, as well as specific challenges.

Move to Include

The collection of videos and activities is designed to promote inclusion for people with intellectual and physical disabilities. Each segment engages students in concepts of inclusion across the curriculum with topics like Assistive Technologies, Education, Careers, Disabilities & Different Abilities, The Arts & Music, and Sports & Recreation.

Understanding LGBTQ+ Identity: A Toolkit for Educators

This collection offers a series of professional development and classroom digital media resources to help teachers, administrators, guidance counselors, and other educators understand and effectively address the complex and difficult issues faced by LGBTQ students.

Career Hacks for Workforce Readiness

This collection includes resources designed to help increase students' workforce readiness skills by building strengths in key interpersonal skills, such as communication, problem solving, collaboration, and critical thinking.