Teaching with Primary Sources

Promote a deeper understanding of history, and explore government and civic life using Library of Congress primary sources. Engage students with primary sources to promote student inquiry and evidence-based reasoning, and apply critical thinking and analysis skills to historical materials.


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Explore theme-based Inquiry Kits that feature thinking questions, primary and secondary sources, and document analysis tools to help you analyze historical materials from the Library of Congress.

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Learn the research process through a series of self-paced student modules. Practice historical thinking skills, analyze sources, make evidence-based conclusions, and create research projects.

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Create a new Broadway musical hit that celebrates the power of ordinary citizens in creating change. Practice document analysis and historical thinking to produce a show based on true events.

Take a challenge, gather evidence, and make your case! Think like a detective as you explore 20 civics-related topics. Analyze primary sources for evidence, and build your case in Case Maker's presentation mode.

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