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Thinkport At-Home Learning

MPT is here to support students, teachers and parents navigating new realities that emerge every day as the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds.

Parents and teachers, you can use Thinkport’s At-Home Learning broadcast schedule and toolkit as a guide to TV programming, free digital learning media and education resources for early learners and students in grades PreK-12.

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Thinkport Spotlight

Join us in celebrating Maryland parents and educators who inspire student learning and go above and beyond to make a difference.

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Online Lesson

Bait to Plate

In this online lesson, clips from MPT's program Maryland Crabs:Tradition & Taste help students learn what makes our state's Blue Crabs so unique and the interconnected components of this essential economic engine.

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Student Lessons

Research Learning Modules

Learn the research process through a series of self-paced student modules. Follow step-by step as you define and analyze sources, write an argument and ultimately create a research project.

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