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MPT is here to inspire young learners on screen and off. Explore At-Home Learning to find MPT's PBS KIDS weekday broadcast schedule, along with related, hands-on learning resources and digital toolkits for educators and families.

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  • BayQuest

    Journey through seven habitats in the Chesapeake Bay and discover the animals and organisms that live in each environment. This interactive activity puts students on a path to learning about the science of the bay and its wonderous inhabitants.
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Teaching With Primary Sources

Civics! An American Musical

Practice document analysis and historical thinking to produce a Broadway show based on true events. Watch the Game Trailer and see civics learning in action!

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Student Lessons

Research Learning Modules

Learn the research process through a series of self-paced student modules. Follow step-by step as you define and analyze sources, write an argument and ultimately create a research project.

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