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Ark and Dove, 1633
R. Hammond Gibson, C. 1970. Collection of the Chesapeake Bary Maritime Museum, 1970-28-1.

In November of 1633, two ships —the Ark and the Dove — set sail from England on a grueling 3000-mile journey across the Atlantic Ocean.

Aboard the two ships, 140 passengers waited for a new life in an unknown world. Who were they?

The journey across the Atlantic Ocean was a dangerous one. Listen to the video as it briefly introduces the transatlantic journey of the Ark and Dove.




In today’s lesson you will:

  • explore the background and beliefs of the people who were important to the creation of Maryland
  • identify and explain the push and pull factors that led to exploration and colonization in Maryland
  • identify how the colonists arrived in Maryland
  • describe the challenges the colonists faced on the voyages to Maryland

Key Vocabulary

Are you curious to learn more? Before you begin this lesson, select the arrows to review the key vocabulary. Select the Turn button to read the definition for each vocabulary word.


Essential Questions

Throughout the lesson, you will think and reflect on these essential questions.
  • What is a community?
  • Why might a person choose to stay or leave a community?
  • What are push and pull factors?
  • Why did people immigrate to the New World?
  • Who were the founders of Maryland?
  • What was the journey like to the New World?
  • What happened to the Maryland colony in the New World?