This module is for Grades: 4-8 Introduction

By the mid-1750s, nearly 150 years had passed since the Europeans arrived and settled in North America. Conflict still plagued the shores of the New World as Native Americans, the original inhabitants of the continent, and European colonists from France, England, and Spain all fought for power and control.

The global conflict between the French and British was known as the Seven Year’s War but the war on North America’s soil was known as the French and Indian War which took place from 1754 to 1763.


In today’s lesson, you will:

  • identify the cause and effects of the French and Indian War.
  • identify and explain the sources of conflict among and between American Indians and European powers.
  • explore the routes colonists took to migrate west of the Appalachian mountains.

    Key Vocabulary

    Are you curious to learn more? Before you begin this lesson, select the arrows to review the key vocabulary. Select the Turn button to read the definition for each vocabulary word.


    Essential Questions

    Throughout the lesson, you will think and reflect on these essential questions:
    • Who was involved in the French and Indian War?
    • What were the groups fighting over?
    • How did the groups move west?
    • What was the outcome of the French and Indian War?