MPT in the Classroom

Go beyond the broadcast with MPT in the Classroom!

We have paired the best of MPT programs with standards-based lesson activities, discussion questions and learning extensions developed specifically for students. Find media-rich resources that center on Maryland stories told through diverse voices. Our classroom resources cover a variety of subject areas ranging from STEM and the arts to social studies and civics.


Resource Type


Science | Grades 9-12


Get revved up and inspired to learn about high school science with award-winning MotorWeek, television’s longest-running automotive series.

» MotorWeek Resources



Celebrate the creativity of local and regional artists and bring dance, music, theater and visual arts into your classroom.

» Artworks Resources

Civics | Grades 9-12

State Circle

Focus on the relationship between Maryland government and citizens to build high school civics knowledge, skills, values and dispositions.

» State Circle Resources

SOCIAL STUDIES | Grades 3-4, 6-8

The Dig

Investigate the history of colonial Maryland as elementary students explore the life and times of historic St. Mary's.

» The Dig Resources