Middle School Science

Browse our resources on STEM, science literacy and climate change.

Literacy Lessons in Science

whalesIn this collection of science-themed literacy lessons, students read primary and secondary texts on science topics to learn and practice literacy standards.

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STEM Collection

tool used to design t-shirtBrowse our STEM activities, which give students practice using the engineering design process to solve real-life problems and design solutions.

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Other Resources


Students explore the Chesapeake Bay through digital tools, and serve as virtual research assistants for a video production company looking for stories about the science of the bay.


This website provides an overview of Mid-Atlantic climate change and classroom resources for teaching climate literacy.

Changing the Balance

Students examine the science behind climate change in a digital exploration and blog told through the eyes of an inquisitive and environmentally-conscientious college student visiting Kenya.

Lunar Phases Simulation

Use this resource to develop and use models to construct an understanding of why the Moon’s appearance changes through a cycle of phases as viewed from Earth.

Saving Crystal River

In this interactive lesson, explore the effects that an invasive species can have on the environment.

Water Resource Issues

In this interactive lesson, explore the role of pollinators in the ecosystems they are a part of.

Mechanical Waves

In this interactive lesson, learn about mechanical waves, which transfers energy from one place to another through liquids, gases and solids

Fate of Carbon

In this interactive lesson, students examine the importance of carbon and learn about two Earth systems, the solubility pump and the biological pump.