Middle School STEM

T-Shirts for a Cause

Students explore what it means for a product to be eco-friendly by researching, participating in group discussions, and using an online tool to design an eco-friendly T-shirt.

Home Tweet Home

Students conduct research to learn about endangered birds in Maryland, and use an online tool to build a virtual nest box for an endangered bird.

Energy Consumption and Conservation

Students conduct research about how energy use impacts the environment, calculate their carbon footprint, write a personal conservation commitment and design a public service announcement.

Drones in Agriculture

Students learn how smart advancements in agricultural technology are key to increasing farmers’ profitability, decreasing environmental impact, and increasing food production to support our global population.

Engineering 3D Food Printers for Tailored Nutrition

Students learn how researchers use the engineering design process to adapt 3D printers so they can print food, Students use the same process to design a 3D printed food preparation tool or to design a meal plan.

City Farm

In this interactive lesson, students learn about sustainable practices by growing crops, protecting them against unforeseen problems, and determining how best to conserve resources.

The Spy Penguin

Students discover how filmmakers use robotics in wildlife filmmaking and design animatronic cameras to get up close and personal with animals in the Antarctic.

Kinetic Sculpture

Students build a sculpture with parts that move in the wind and experiment with the design process in this activity from Design Squad Nation.

High Rise

Students build a tower to support a tennis ball while withstanding wind and experiment with the design process in this activity from Design Squad Nation.

The Design Process

In this interactive, students follow the steps of the design process to solve problems and tackle engineering challenges.

FBI: Inside The Crime Lab

Students get a behind-the-scenes look at the greatest crime laboratory in the world—the FBI’s Crime Laboratory. The Learning Adventure explores the methods used by professionals at the lab to solve crimes.

Design Squad Nation

This collection of media resources and activities helps your students gain a stronger understanding of the design process and the connection between engineering and the things we use in everyday life.

Engineering For Good

This collection is a project-based learning, NGSS-aligned unit for middle school science classrooms focused on developing solutions for negative impacts of plastics on the environment.

Get Your Tech On: Tech Resources

This collection compiles technology-themed resources designed to engage students and spark discussion in the classroom. Topics include: 21st century learning, careers in technology, adaptive technologies, and using video games to enhance learning.

Making Stuff

This collection of media resources helps students have a better understanding of the scientific innovations that are developing materials that will shape our future.


The SciGirl collection highlights the processes of science and engineering, with the help of scientist mentors, using inquiry-based investigations on a variety of topics. SciGirls resources provide gender-equitable teaching strategies and hands-on inquiries.

SciTech Now

This collection of media resources engagesstudents in key STEM concepts, and incorporates hands-on activities, online resources, and videos to address topics and standards across science curricula.