Teaching and Learning about Racism and Justice

Having tough conversations about current and historical events focused on racism, nationwide protests, and racial bias is challenging, uncomfortable - and necessary. Explore our collection of digital resources, booklists, lesson plans, and more to help students, teachers, and families learn more about race, where and how injustice and inequality operate in society, and ways to take action for equity and inclusion.

learning mediaExplore our collection of digital resources and lesson plans to engage students in courageous conversations around race, racism, and protests against police brutality. Find articles for parents and educators that promote anti-racist actions to support meaningful change.

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biasUse these resources to help define the meaning of race for students, and to facilitate conversations about the relationship between bias, differing viewpoints, and racism.

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jim crowDiscover a collection of teaching frameworks, lesson plans, and digital resources to teach students about systemic issues of racial injustice in the U.S., and to guide them through an understanding of the legacies of American slavery.

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civically engagedFind resources that encourage students to make a difference in their community by following their interests, using their skills, and working with like-minded groups and organizations.

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colorful drawing of parents with kidsUse these resources to foster the positive development of children's racial identity, and to support honest, open, age-appropriate conversations about race, diversity and injustice.

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