Exploring Race with Young Children

Same/Different with Abby and Elmo | Sesame Street

Abby and Elmo describe the ways in which they're the same and different. Abby has furry hair and ears, and since she's a fairy, she has wings! But they both have two arms, two hands, and two eyes! This resource teaches similarities and differences.

Count Me In | Sesame Street

A song that celebrates the qualities that make each person unique. Use this video to encourage students to celebrate their differences!

Talking Race With Young Children | NPR

Even babies notice differences like skin color, eye shape and hair texture. This podcast addresses how to handle conversations about race, racism, diversity and inclusion, even with very young children.

Developing Cultural Awareness | Learning with Littles

Designed by educators, meet and learn with other Pre K-2 educators who share teaching models and strategies to help you build a culturally responsive learning environment and responsibly integrate media into your program.

How Black Art Can Spark Conversations with Children

Explore the ways art and dialogue can help children resist race-based negativity, giving them the strength, confidence and self-assurance that will help protect them from racial injustices for years to come.

13 Children’s Books About Race and Diversity

Children's books are one of the most effective tools to engage with young children on important issues. To encourage conversations about race and diversity with your children, check out this list of books to read together as a family.