Middle School Social Studies

Research Learning Modules

research studentsLearn the research process through these twelve self-paced student modules. Each lesson guides you step-by-step as you practice important research skills. You will learn to define and analyze sources, how to write a solid thesis statement, and ultimately understand how to create a research project.

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Teaching With Primary Sources Inquiry Kits

inquiry kitsExplore a collection of online social studies inquiry kits from Maryland Public Television and Maryland Humanities, including our newest collection of U.S. Government-themed inquiry kits.

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Literacy Lessons in Social Studies

a Chinese emperor's processionIn this collection of literacy lessons for social studies classes, students read primary and secondary historical texts to learn and practice literacy standards.

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Exploring Vietnam War Stories

vietnam war storiesExplore the Vietnam War through the lens and personal stories of Maryland Veterans that experienced it first-hand.

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Voices of Baltimore: Life under Segregation

voices of baltimoreIn this collection of 19 social-studies-themed literacy lessons, students read primary and secondary texts on a variety of science topics to learn and practice literacy standards.

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Other Resources

War of 1812 Classroom Resources

Teach students about the people, places and pivotal events surrounding the War of 1812 using lessons, interactives, primary source documents, and images.

James Baker

This website is an educational resource for middle and high school classrooms to accompany the documentary. Explore to learn how to apply his skills of negotiation and diplomacy.

Exploring Maryland Roots

Explore colonial Maryland history through 12 interactive activities. Experience life in historic St Mary’s City, visit a native american village, or go on an archeological dig.

The Unsung History Makers: Maria Moreno

In this interactive lesson, unravel the mystery of Maria Moreno, a woman who fought for farm labor rights before Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta formed the United Farm Workers.

The Reconstruction Amendments

In this interactive student lesson, students explore the key provisions of the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution.. Students should have prior knowledge of the Civil War.

The Powers of Government

In this interactive lesson supporting literacy skills, students learn about the three branches of the United States government.

The Teotihuacan Fire Ceremony

Students learn about the New Fire Ceremony, a ritual held every 52 years. This was the single most important religous event for the Aztecs to mark their solar year and renew the world.

Hamilton's America

This collection provides a behind-the-scenes look at Lin-Manuel Miranda’s smash hit Broadway musical Hamilton. Resources include clips, classroom activities, discussion questions, handouts, and teaching tips connected to the film.

Who Was Alexander Hamilton?

In this interactive lesson, students learn about the early life of Alexander Hamilton and his achievements as an adult during the Revolutionary War and in the Washington administration.

Discovering Alexander Hamilton

Students learn about The Sun Pyramid, one of the largest structures of the ancient world, and the sun ceremonies conducted by the Aztecs in Teotihuacan.