Media STEPs for Learning

Does today’s anytime, anywhere access to media have you concerned about what, when, and how kids are learning? Now more than ever teachers and parents are looking for high-quality educational media to support learning. MPT wants to help YOU take charge of media’s influence and impact on children’s learning and development with these easy-to-follow Media STEPs.

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Media STEPs in Action
Now you know the STEPs and you’re ready to get started. There’s no better place to find the most trusted, educational media content, than public television. MPT and PBS KIDS make it easy to Select quality media. Check out these FREE resources!

Use this chart to select PBS KIDS programs that align with specific learning goals. Our broadcast schedule and learning resources provide episode descriptions and extension activities to use at home or in the classroom.

Check out MPT's Viewing Guides for suggested before, during and after questions that promote critical thinking and build on prior learning.

Browse our At-Home Learning Toolkits to find curated collections of interactive learning resources, offline activities and tips for teachers and parents alike. Visit our Learning Resources to find media by content area.

Reinforce learning with PBS KIDS games and apps. Play and learn screen-free with our Daily Activity Calendar.

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