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Does today’s anytime, anywhere access to media have you concerned about what, when, and how kids are learning? MPT wants to help you take charge of media’s influence and impact on children’s learning and development with these easy-to-follow Media STEPs.

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The media you choose exposes kids to new language, behavior and information. Be sure that it supports your values and select educationally sound content you can trust.
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Ask questions, before, during and after using media. Talking with kids out loud helps them process what they are learning and helps to build language skills.
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Media is a great springboard to spark curiosity. Take time to research, investigate and try something new.
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Media inspires lots of creative ideas so be sure that kids have enough time away from screens to be active. Play is how young children learn best.

Get Started: Media STEPs in Action
Follow MPT’s Media STEPs to guide you in using trusted media that inspires learning at home, in the classroom and beyond.

Explore each STEP to find tips and resources to build healthy media habits for young learners.