Media Literacy for Early Childhood Professionals

BROWSE: Research and information about the influence of technology on children's learning, growth, and development and the importance of developing media literacy skills.


Technology and media can play a huge role in a child's growth and development. Find information from experts that explore both the positive and negative impacts of technology to help you develop best practices.


Back-to-School Reset: 4 Tips on Managing Devices and Screen Time for Families

Ease the transition back to the classroom with these tips and resources including a Family Screen Time Plan available in English and Spanish.

> Back-to-School Reset: 4 Tips on Managing Devices and Screen Time for Families

BROWSE Resources

How Children Learn Using Media

Ethnic-Racial Representation in Screen Media

Explore how different cultures and races are portrayed on screen, and how these representations can influence viewers.

State of Kids' Privacy Report 2021

The Common Sense 2021 State of Kids' Privacy Report provides a comprehensive look at the privacy practices of hundreds of technology-related applications and services intended for kids and students.

Applying Technology to Inquiry-Based Learning in Early Childhood Education

Learn how to support inquiry-based learning using media and technology.

CPB-PBS Ready to Learn 2015-2020 Research

Review research on how early childhood educators can use media and technology to support the development of science inquiry skills.

Media Literacy Now

Find resources for educators and parents by state or by topic to help ensure all K-12 students are taught media literacy so that they become confident and competent media consumers and creators.

How Children Play Using Media

Emergent Media Literacy: Digital Animation in Early Childhood

This paper outlines a research project in which three- and four-year-old children in one nursery engaged with editing software to create short

MSDE Digital Citizenship/Responsibilities

Visit the Maryland State Department of Education's new eConnect Learning Management System to find digital citizenship resources.