Media Literacy for Early Childhood Professionals

CREATE: Locate tools and resources that can be used to design and create media that supports family engagement efforts, business and marketing strategies, and the development of practical skills for communication using different forms of media.


Part of becoming media literate is having the ability to create content and communicate with media and technology in a variety of effective ways. You can harness the power of media to engage families, enhance business and marketing plans, and connect children with new opportunities for learning. Understanding how media is designed and created can also provide you with valuable insight into the influence and impact of media on both children and adults. There are an increasing number of tools available that make media creation free and accessible, easy-to-use, and impactful.


Create Media with PBS Kids ScratchJr

This self-paced Learning Path for PreK-2 teachers explores how to use ScratchJr. to support children's media creation skills.

> Create Media with PBS Kids ScratchJr

CREATE Resources


Design a professional quality newsletter to share with your families with Canva’s free online editor.

> Canva


Use Animoto's drag-and-drop video creation software to create videos.

> Animoto