Graphic Organizers

We offer a collection of pre-formatted graphic organizers that you can integrate into activities and lesson plans or use by themselves.

Name Description  
Character Map Helps describe in detail the main character, their thoughts and actions. Good for short stories and novels. Download
Clustering Good for organization of concepts, ideas, and as a pre-reading activity. Download
Compare/Contrast Helps with similarities and differences in characters, situations, and concepts. Download
Concept Map Good pre-writing activity. Helps with organization of main ideas and details. Download
Cornell Note-taking Good for organizing information gained from reading textbooks or expository materials. Download
Fishbone Good for organizing details and events through cause and effect. Download
Hypothesizing Good in helping to identify the three main components of an hypothesis. Download
K-W-H-L Chart Good for tapping background information prior to introducing a new concept. Download
Plot Diagram Good for diagramming and outlining the plot and elements of a story. Download
Sequence of Events Chart Good for placing main events in their order of occurrence. Download
Spider Map Helpful with organizing several ideas with supporting details. Download
SQ3R Good reading strategy used to comprehend expository material. Download
Story Map Helps with the outline or blueprint of a fictional story. Download
Storyboard Helps to illustrate the main events. Download
Timeline Helps with sequencing events in their proper order. Download
Tree Helps with connections about different ideas and details. Useful when background knowledge is limited. Download
Venn Diagram Good for comparison of ideas, concepts, and character traits. Useful as a pre-writing activity. Download
W's Organizer Helps with organizing factual ideas around the 5 main questions: who, what, where, when and why. Download
Web Helpful with developing a framework for ideas and concepts. Useful pre-writing activity. Download
Web Site Profiler Useful tool for helping to evaluate the quality of information on a web site. Download
Wheel and Spoke Diagram Helpful with developing a framework for ideas and concepts. Useful pre-writing activity. Download