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Videos are the focus of this section, allowing students choices to gather visual information about the topics explored. Use these resources to help you and your students get the most out of this interactive.

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Outdoors Maryland Videos


Skipjack Races; Hook, Line & Sinker; A Different Lens

Explore with crews from around the Chesapeake as they race Skipjacks on the wide, open waters of the Choptank River; imagine fishing with anglers at a few of the best spots in Maryland; join photographer Jay Flemming as he travels the Chesapeake in search of the best places to photograph and film.

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Of Trout & Trees; Marshland Mosaic; Futures in Forestry

From far and wide, anglers visit the hills of Western Maryland to experience the tranquility of casting line for Brook Trout. Hidden on the Calvert County shoreline, Parkers Creek Preserve comprises 3,000 acres of tidal marsh and woodland. The Natural Resources Career Camp offers a chance for students to get their hands dirty.

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