Conquer It

zoe outside the school on her phone

Remember my friend Zoe? She learned the hard way that students sometimes plagiarize without even meaning to. Zoe wasn’t very careful with her notetaking. She accidentally copied sentences from books into her notes without putting those words into quotes. She learned her lesson: No more sloppy note taking!

Luckily, Mr. Lexington gave Zoe a second chance to complete her research project. Her new project is about the jazz singer Billie Holiday. Below are two of Zoe’s research notes for the project.

Read the information on each notecard. Then, write a sentence and explain what Zoe did to avoid plagiarism. I’ll do it too. We can compare answers after we’re done.

Were your answers similar to mine? I hope so. Always remember: Careful note-taking can help you avoid plagiarism!