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My friend Omar is doing his project on First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, but he’s struggling to identify historical sources. Watch the following video and listen as Omar tells us a little bit more about Eleanor Roosevelt.

Using Primary and Secondary Sources 2

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Let’s take a minute to help Omar examine his sources. If you get stuck, you might want to review the definitions of primary and secondary sources again.

  • A primary source is an original document or object created by someone who was living during the same time period that you are studying. Primary sources help to capture a moment in time (including the thoughts, words and feelings) from the past.

  • A secondary source is a secondhand account created by someone who did not participate in the historical period you are studying.

Can you separate these into primary and secondary sources?  Complete the drag-and-drop activity below by deciding what kind of source each item is.

What makes the primary sources different from the secondary sources?

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