Technology and Screen Time Learning

In this digital age of smartphones, touchscreens, and educational apps, children have access to a variety of screen media at home, in the early care setting, and at school.

The following activity reviews different types of technology and mobile devices, and offers strategies to help children get the most out of screen time.

– screenshot from Daniel Tiger animated show
Co-viewing helps children understand and process feelings and emotions.

Importance of Co-Viewing

Children will learn more from media when there are caring adults present who can support their learning. Co-viewing is an important screen time strategy to help children understand and think about what they see and learn.

When adults watch a TV show or play an online game with children, they are able to help children connect what they learn at home or in the child care program. For example, in one episode from Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Daniel and his friends have an outdoor picnic. However, it starts to rain and the picnic is ruined. Their disappointment is washed away when discover they can move the picnic indoors. You can talk with children about dealing with disappointment and managing sad feelings when something doesn’t work out. Together, sing along with Daniel as he learns: When something seems bad, turn it around and find something good!