Roses in full bloom at a rose garden

Roses Only Grow in Certain Climates

Grade 3

Roses are a common flower that people give to one another during Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day occurs in the month of February, during the winter season. However, roses are unable to grow in the state of Maryland during the winter because of the cold weather and climate. So, how do gardens, farms, and stores in Maryland get the roses they need during Valentine’s Day? We will explore the answer to that in this lesson.


Teacher's Guide and Related Standards


I can explain why roses are able to grow in some places of the world during the winter season and not others.

Essential Questions

  • Why can’t roses grow in Maryland during the winter season, but they can grow in Ecuador during the winter?

  • What are the major differences between the climate in Ecuador and Maryland?

Maryland Farm & Harvest Clip

Thinking questions:

  • Can we predict the climate of a place based on its location on a world map?
  • What are the best conditions needed for roses to grow and bloom?
  • Why do roses in Maryland grow best during the months of June, July, and August?


Supplemental Enrichment Activities

Obtaining, Evaluating, and
Communicating Information

World Map of Ecuador and Maryland

Review the map of the world. Have students recognize how close Ecuador and Maryland are to the equator. Explain to students that regions closer to the equator have high temperatures and warm climate year round. What information can they acquire from this map in regard to the expected climates of Maryland and Ecuador?

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Weather and Climate

World Map - Average Temperatures

Explain to students that areas highlighted in warm colors (red and orange) have very hot average temperatures during the year, while areas highlighted in cool colors (blue and purple) have colder average temperatures during the year. Have students discuss what they can infer about the average temperatures of Maryland and Ecuador.

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Graph of Monthly Maximum Temperatures in Maryland and Ecuador

Have students analyze and interpret the graph. Compare and contrast the temperatures of Maryland and Ecuador throughout various times of the year. Ask students what patterns they recognize from this graph. How does this information help us understand why roses can grow in Ecuador during the winter season and not in Maryland?

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