Map showing a hurricane about to make landfall on the coast of the United States

Solutions to Hurricane Impacts

Grade 5

Hurricane Ida was an extremely destructive hurricane that made landfall in the United States in 2021. It caused major flooding in many states, ruining and destroying thousands of homes. Although the effects of hurricanes, like Ida, can be very severe, there are solutions that can reduce the impact of hurricanes and flooding. We will explore those solutions in this lesson.


Teacher's Guide and Related Standards


I can generate and evaluate solutions that will reduce the harmful impacts of hurricanes and flooding.

Essential Questions

  • What are solutions we can recommend to prepare people for the impacts of hurricanes?

  • What predictions can be made about the time of year most hurricanes hit the United States?


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Thinking questions:

  • Is there a certain time of year that we see hurricanes most often?
  • What are solutions and preparations that exist that are effective against hurricanes?


Supplemental Enrichment Activities

Constructing Explanations
and Designing Solutions

Avoiding Hurricane Damage

Assign students to become experts on one of the many design solutions mentioned in the article that help to reduce the impacts of hurricanes. Have students share with one another what they learned and have them evaluate which solutions are better than others.

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Natural Hazards

Tropical Storm and Hurricane Frequency Graph

Analyze the graph and interpret the data. Pose the following questions:

  • During what month(s) or season(s) are hurricanes and tropical storms most prevalent?
  • How can we use the information in this graph to help educate others on preparing for hurricanes?
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    Cause and Effect

    Hurricane Wind Scale

    Students will learn about the five categories of hurricanes. Have students list the cause-and-effect relationships between the five hurricane categories. How does a hurricane’s wind speed (cause) impact the storm-related damages (effect)?

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