Elementary Teacher Resources

Thinkport's teacher resources for all grade bands feature professional development video tutorials and short, self-paced modules on specific concepts in literacy.

Gradual Release of Responsibility

Learn the four phases of the Gradual Release of Responsibility instructional framework in this self-paced professional development module.

A Focus on Close Reading

Watch this video to see close reading practiced in three classrooms -- first grade ELA, 6th grade science and 9th grade government.

The Art of Writing Arguments

Visit three classrooms to see how writing arguments is approached at various grade levels and subject areas – first grade ELA, 6th grade science and 9th grade government.

Literary Elements and Techniques

Use these animated shorts to introduce or review literary elements and techniques like theme, setting, figurative language, characterization, and conflict.

Modeling With Mathematics in the Classroom

This short, self-paced professional development module broken into elementary, middle and high school grade bands focuses on Standard of Mathematical Practice 4, model with mathematics.

Math + Arts

This collection of lesson plans uses dance, drama, music, and visual arts to teach math concepts.

Modeling With Mathematics

Visit 5th grade and 7th grade classrooms to see how modeling with mathematics is used to help students solve problems in real-world situations.