Elementary School STEM

Ready Jet Go! Bot Builder

Help Jet build robots that can go on outer space adventures and navigate different terrains. (Grades K-3)

Design Squad: Fidgit Power

Help Fidgitville by designing wind turbines that make electricity, and keep the air and water clean. (Grades 3-5)

SciGirls: Code Quest

Help Izzie and Jake collect data and build a new reef exhibit for the aquarium. (Grades 3-5)

The Bridge Challenge

In this interactive lesson, students identify which bridge design is best for each of four different locations in the growing fictional community of Craggy Rock. (Grades 3-5)

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

In this interactive lesson, students learn about Earth's limited resrouces, landfills, and waste reduction as they read charts and graphs, picture captions, and bullet lists of iformation. (Grades 3-5)

Be an Inventor!

In this interactive lesson, students use a timeline to learn about inventors and the inventions they created. (Grades 3-5)

The Dome Challenge

In this interactive lesson, students are challenged to think like an engineer, and decide what kind of dome structure is right for a baseball stadium, a greenhouse, and a new capitol building in fictional Char County. (Grades 3-5)

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