Elementary School Science

Our science page covers topics from Earth’s oceans to the distant stars.


bayvilleStudents explore the Chesapeake Bay through digital tools, and serve as virtual research assistants for a video production company looking for stories about the science of the bay.

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Other Resources

Every Animal Needs a Home

Students discover what rainforest animals and plants need to survive, and they use an online tool to build a habitat for an animal.

Plum Landing: Rocky Mountain Roundup

Complete a series of missions to photograph plants and animals living in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, and learn how they adapted to the ecosystem.

Plum Landing: Mangroovin’

Pretend you are a baby grouper who needs to find food without getting caught by hungry predators like sharks and herons.

Teacher resources

Ready Jet Go! All about Water Teacher Guide

With a little help from Jet and his friends Sidney, Sean, and Mindy, your students will explore the various properties of water in both its liquid and solid forms as they broaden their understanding of material properties.

The Ruff Ruffman Show Kitchen Guide Teacher Guide

Learn about kitchen chemistry alongside Ruff Ruffman in this Teacher's Guide. Students will use videos, games, and activities from The Ruff Ruffman Show to investigate solids and liquids, and explore the science behind heating and cooling.