Elementary School Math

Lure of the Labyrinth

In this game using pre-algebra skills, middle school students must work through puzzles to find their lost pet and save the world from monsters. (PreK-3)

Villainy, Inc

In James Bond fashion, middle school students use their problem-solving acumen to foil the plans of the evil Dr. Wick in animated missions that require critical thinking and math calculations. (Grades 4-5)

Odd Squad: Down the Tubes

Help fix the Odd Squad tube system so that all the agents can get around and solve their cases. (Grades K-3)

Cyberchase: Watts of Trouble

Find the right amount of cyberwatts to keep the rides in R-Fair City powered up with renewable energy sources. (Grades 3-5)

Cyberchase: How Does Your Garden Grow?

In this media-rich activity, students use math to measure the area of a garden and learn that area can be the same even if the geometric shape is different. (Grades 3-5)

Super Stairs: Patterns of Ordered Pairs

In this interactive lesson, students practice pattern recognition and using data to write expressions in order to figure out the equation to given model. (Grades 5-8)