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– image of students looking at casemaker on laptops
Case Maker is best used as an enrichment activity once students have gained prior knowledge in class about the civics topics and related concepts.

Working with Case Maker

The Case Maker promotes curiosity, encourages deep inquiry, and fosters critical thinking by connecting historical events with modern-day civics topics such as immigration, race, politics and public opinion, equity, and civil rights. As students work in the Case Maker, they will:

  • Engage in inquiry-based learning.
  • Reflect on guiding questions related to a story-based scenario and civics challenge.
  • Conduct close readings of several primary sources.
  • Consider what they have seen, heard, read, and felt during primary source analysis.
  • Think critically about historical sources.
  • Draw evidence-based conclusions in response to the essential challenge question.

Watch the following video to understand the Case Maker in action in the classroom.