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Explore theme-based inquiry kits to help elementary and secondary students analyze historical materials from the Library of Congress.

Welcome to TPS in the Classroom: Exploring Inquiry Kits for Social Studies, a professional development module for educators. The Inquiry Kits project was developed as part of the Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Sources (TPS) program in a partnership between Maryland Humanities, Maryland Public Television and the Maryland State Department of Education.

Inquiry Kits for Social Studies are thematic sets of high-quality primary and secondary sources exploring different topics and historical eras. Designed to help educators promote a deeper understanding of history, the inquiry kits engage students through exploration of primary sources and promote student inquiry, giving your students practice with evidence-based reasoning, and applying critical thinking and analysis skills to historical materials.

These inquiry kits are part of Thinkport’s special collection, Teaching with Primary Sources, which uses primary sources from the Library of Congress to help students explore history, government, and civics topics. By offering historical context along with stories that pique students’ curiosities and interests, Inquiry Kits for Social Studies are a great way to give students practice with the skills they need to take the lead in their own research.

Module Objectives:

In this module, you will:

  • Explore the components of the Inquiry Kits for Social Studies.
  • Identify ways to use Inquiry Kits for Social Studies in your classroom.
  • Find ways to adapt and differentiate inquiry kits for diverse learners.


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