How to Cite the Right Way - Welcome video
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(Visual description: Graphic shows title "How to Cite the Right Way" as upbeat music plays. Dissolves to Jasmine on her computer. She looks into the camera.)

Hi there! I’m really making progress on my research project about Harriet Tubman. But there’s still one thing that I’m a little worried about.
(Visual description: Jasmine speaks to the camera)

Ever hear of plagiarism?
(Visual description: Jasmine continues to speak to the camera as a graphic with the word "Plagiarism" appears on screen)

Well, I thought plagiarism was just copying a whole project or paper and pretending it was your own, but Mr. Lexington says it’s more than that. (Visual description: cut to video of text being copied and pasted into a document on a computer screen)

He says that people who plagiarize are idea thieves.
(Visual description: black and white video or Mr. Lexington in front of the class)

And I definitely don’t want to be a thief – or a plagiarist – and I’m sure you don’t either.
(Visual description: animated image of a thief running across the screen carrying a light bulb symbolising an idea)

So let’s understand what it means to plagiarize so we can make sure we don’t do it!
(Visual description: Jasmine on screen, addressing the camera)