Digging for Historical Sources - Welcome video
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(Visual description: Graphic shows title "Digging for Historical Sources" as upbeat music plays. Dissolves to Jasmine typing on a computer. She looks into the camera.)

Oh, hi. It’s me Jasmine again, and I’m working on my research project. I’ve really got to pull my sources together.
(Visual description: Jasmine speaks to the camera)

Remember, my project is on Harriet Tubman. She was a slave, but she ran away and became a “conductor” on the Underground Railroad who led other slaves to freedom in the North.
(Visual description: Jasmine continues to speak to the camera as a black and white photo of Harriet Tubman slides on the screen)

My teacher, Mr. Lexington, says that we should start by finding some historical sources. (Visual description: photo changes to that of a male teacher looking at the camera and then a speech bubble pops up saying "Start by finding historical sources...")

So I type “Harriet Tubman” into Google. And you know how many results I got?
(Visual description: Close up of Jasmine searching "Harriet Tubman" on her laptop)

Almost 6 million!!!
(Visual description: A graphic showing the number "6,000,000" appears on screen)

How am I supposed to know which of these is a good source? Luckily, Mr. Lexington has some really good advice about how to find great historical sources.
(Visual description: Jasmine back on screen, addressing the camera)