Creating Your Research Project - Welcome video
Text Version

(Visual description: Graphic shows title "Creating Your Research Project" as upbeat music plays. Shot dissolves to a closeup of a Civil War book being pulled off of a shelf. Camera pans up to Jasmine who is looking into the camera.

Hi! If I look happy, that’s because I am! Let me tell you: I am SO close to finishing this research paper.
(Visual description: Jasmine speaks into the camera.

I have chosen my primary and secondary sources, reviewed them, and developed a solid thesis statement. Now I just have to pull it all together into a research project.
(Visual description: A graphic slides onto the screen from the left listing all of the steps, and a green check appears as she mention each one. The final step is underlined with a red line. Then the graphic slides away.)

Are you ready for this part? Because I know I am!
(Visual description: Jasmine speaks directly to the camera)