Writing Your Thesis Statement - Welcome video
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(Visual description: Graphic shows title "Writing Your Thesis Statment" as upbeat music plays. Shot dissolves to Jasmine sitting at a library looking into the camera. She waves.

Hi again! It’s me, Jasmine, still working hard on my research paper. I've analyzed all of my sources and decided which ones I actually want to include in my paper. And I've learned a ton about Harriet Tubman.
(Visual description: Jasmine speaks into the camera as the it slowly zooms in. Above her left shoulder, images of Harriet Tubman sources appear and then slide off the screen

But now it's time for me to start writing my thesis statment, and there's one teeny weeny problem… I don't know what my thesis statement should be. Do you feel the same way? Well, stick around, and maybe we can figure this out together.
(Visual description: Slow zoom in on Jasmine as she speaks directly to the camera)