Using Primary and Secondary Sources - Welcome video
Text Version

(Visual description: Graphic shows title "Using Primary and Secondary Sources" as upbeat music plays. Dissolves to a girl writing in a notebook, who turns to the camera)

Hi, I’m Jasmine. Sorry if I seem a bit frazzled... I’m working a big research project.
Really big, people!!!

It’s on Harriet Tubman who was a former slave who became the “conductor” for the Underground Railroad. She led many slaves to freedom in the North.
(Visual description: Black and white image slides in showing bottom of a photo with the hand-written text "Harriet Tubman - nurse, spy and scout." The image pans up to reveal Harriet Tubman posing.)

Harriet Tubman had a very interesting life, but I’m still freaking out over this research project.
(Visual description: The image shrinks back, and we return to Jasmine speaking to the camera.)

My teacher says we need both primary and secondary sources, but the problem is I’m still a little foggy on what the difference is.
(Visual description: Inset video of the teacher, Mr. Lexington speaking to his class appears and then shrinks away. The words "Primary" and "Secondary" slide onto the bottom of the screen then fade away.)

Do you feel the same way? Stick around. Maybe we can figure this out together.