friends and neighbors

This week, MPT camp counselor, Krissy, has some fun activities for you to enjoy with good friends and neighbors.

Ages 3-5

Tie Dye with Food Coloring

Tye-dye fun with friends is as easy as dip, scrunch and unroll! Introduce children to the concepts of absorption and color mixing in this simple craft activity.

Make a Book About Friends

Celebrate your child's friendships by making a book about friends together. Remind your child that being together is what matters most.

Simple Teamwork Games

These two simple games use household items to help children learn the importance of cooperation and working together.

Ages 6-8

Make a Neighbor Map

Introduce your child to mapping and spatial skills, while helping them gain a better understanding of his community.

Create a "Kindness Tree"

Create a "Kindess Tree", and watch it bloom with color with all the ways your child is kind and helpful each day.

Make a Mosaic

Help your child make an inspiring piece of art that they can share with friends with this kid-friendly mosaic activity.