all about animals

Your MPT camp counselor Krissy is going on an animal adventure this week. Come along!

Ages 3-5

Create an Owl

You can make almost any animal out of a brown paper bag, including this super adorable owl.

Create Egg Carton Turtles

Instead of throwing away empty egg cartons, upcycle them into this easy and adorable turtle craft while discussing sea turtles’ habitats and the importance of recycling.

Soda Bottle Fireflies

Let nature inspire art when you upcycle plastic soda bottles to create fun and festive fireflies for display or pretend play.

Make a Jellyfish

Rather than throwing away plastic bags, kids can creatively reuse them to create this mesmerizing jellyfish in a bottle.

Ages 6-8

Coiled Snake Craft

These cute snakes are colorful and fun, and allow your child to express his creativity using his favorite colors.

Create a Bird Feeder

Turn a milk carton into a handmade bird feeder with only a few household supplies!

Make Dragon Wings

Help your child pretend to be a dragon with this craft that turns an empty cereal box into a pair of dragon wings.

Bubble Blow Fish

In this activity, kids will upcycle materials that are commonly discarded into the sea to make their own plastic bottle fish.

Explore Animal Habitats

Explore animal habitats by matching toy animals or photos of animals with their correct environment.