summer stories

MPT camp counselor Krissy has some fun ideas to capture your summer memories this year!

Ages 3-5

Sidewalk Words

Help your child learn to spell her name or other words in this outdoor literacy activity, all while learning fine motor skills and the concept of tracing.

Meet the Trees

You can help your child learn about trees and the animals that use them by exploring your backyard or neighborhood.

Doggie Letter Detective

In this game, kids can search for toy puppies while working on their letter identification skills.

Make Your Name Puzzle

Help your child learn to spell his name by creating a name puzzle. By putting the pieces of the puzzle together, your child will learn the order of the letters in his name!

Ages 6-8

Play Word Stomp

This word building stomp game is a simple way to teach spelling, takes only minutes to make, and gets your child thinking and moving, inside or out.

Poetry Collage

Help your child play with words and express herself to create found poetry.

Craft Magnetic Letters

Create your own magnetic letters to use as a Super Why! party activity or to send home in a party favor bag.

Create a Goal Calendar

Taking the time to sit with your child and create a calendar like this one allows children to start building independence, look ahead and develop a sense of responsibility for the future.

Rhyming I-Spy

Use this new twist to a classic game and develop your child’s rhyming skills!